Welcome to Utah’s First Black History Museum

The Utah Black History Museum is the first and only museum in Utah solely dedicated to the celebration and dissemination of Black History and Culture. Launched in February 2020,  this museum is committed to promoting the understanding, appreciation, and advancement of the Black experience in Utah through programming, exhibits, and activities that teach local and national Black history and celebrate the culture of the African Diaspora in the United States.

Utah Black History Museum’s first exhibit uses a bus to take it all over Utah. This traveling exhibit features informative and inspiring stories from both local and national Black history. It is time for Utah’s students, citizens, and visitors to learn Black history — real Black history.


With our state’s population growing in diversity, Utahns are in need of more equitable representation amongst their organizations, especially in the form of educational institutions. While the state continues to celebrate its pioneer heritage with enthusiasm, these celebrations do not fully represent all members of both our historical and modern community. 


The Utah Black History Museum is here to offer a non-discriminatory and more complete history of our citizens. We are here to represent the underrepresented in our school curriculums and community organizations who have been overlooked for centuries. We tell the stories of Black frontiersmen, writers, musicians, leaders, and many more whose history has, until now, been rarely heard.